Success Stories.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Brand Awareness – Launched Fortune 10 Brand exceeding awareness goals by 300%
  • Consumer Sales - Developed campaign that drove 31% category growth – from 4th to 1st place in industry
  • Integrated Marketing – Developed campaign producing sales at 145% of target and revenue at 166% of target
  • Consumer Product Usage - Doubled organic traffic for online product
  • Business Revenue/Process Management- Led new team/processes to increase $1.5M revenue to $150M
  • Sales Promotion – developed customer incentive program growing sales yield results from 0.6% to 18.6%

Created revenue growth strategies that result in increased sales, customer base, market share, and brand. Big believer in partnering cross-functionally and with key external partners to conduct research, analysis and collecting market intelligence to drive marketing and business decisions. Consumer marketing success stories:


  • Background: Company was facing an ambitious revenue goal for new “vertical services” and was experiencing an ongoing issue with unionized customer service representatives wanting to stay in “service” vs “sales” mode. It was vital to move the call center representatives forward as the industry/competition was changing.
  • A cross-functional team was assembled, a communications platform created and a new offer was designed.
  • Communications Strategy: Given it was imperative to develop a simple solution that the agents could learn, embrace and sell, I borrowed a concept from the fast-food industry to make it easy for the reps. to propose a new service and for potential customers to try a new service by making all “services on the menu only $.99.” We built a dynamic promotional campaign to create awareness of these new services and drive revenue.
  • Objective: Build Consumer and Employee awareness of the benefits and availability of new services.
  • Theme: Look to brand X to Get More from your phone.
  • Key Message: Try any of brand X services for 99 Cents each for one month.
  • Action: An integrated campaign was developed using all forms of media as appropriate to the size and capabilities of each market/DMA. Creative executions featured the voice of Don Adams from TV’s Get Smart and “Inspector Gadget.” Internal communication was key and addressed through numerous vehicles to create 100% employee awareness from executive level to the union line worker level. External communications included print, radio, TV, digital and public relations efforts.
  • Results: This campaign made it easier for the call center to embrace the move to sales and resulted in 31% category growth which was first place in the industry. (Unit objective 42M, achieved 47M, projected revenue $16.7M, achieved $18.6M)

One Success is not a Strategy – Next Step “The Big Deal”

  • Background: After the success of the $.99 promotion, we wanted to keep the momentum going and establish bundle-selling behaviors in the demand channels.
  • Action: We moved to the industry’s first bundle of vertical services. We kept the “fast food” theme going to create “The Big Deal.”
  • Key Message: Offering a new, simple way to purchase services in one bundle at a great value with savings of 50%.
  • Results: Bundle unit sales achieved 134% of target during the launch period with the key bundle option reaching 145% of unit target. Total bundle revenue for the period was 166% of target.
  • Note: Direct marketing was a key component as we used propensity modeling to target features to customers. Related customer learnings were a key win from the campaign and used to help with defining future segment marketing. Since this was also one of our first fully integrated marketing campaigns other key learning was around multiple-contact streaming to achieve the highest overall response and sales rates. We used this as a foundation to continue developing our strategy.

Brand Awareness – Successfully launched Fortune 10 brand. Was national Director of Marketing Communications at merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic and on the team charged with creating and successfully launching the new Verizon Brand. Was then promoted to Executive Director Marketing and strategically launched new sub-brand driving awareness, product usage/traffic and revenue for print/online directories.

SuperPages Success Story

  • Background: The merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE had just created a new company called Verizon. Our challenge was to create awareness for the new brand and for the Verizon print Yellow Pages and new online product. Our revenue was generated from our business customers/advertisers, and while Yellow Pages have long been a low interest category for consumers, we determined we had to build consumer usage to keep our business customers’ advertising and be able to address competitive independent directory publishers that were broadly discounting rates.
  • Action: We developed a strategy and campaign to drive consumer usage with an “over the shoulder” benefit to our business customers. The new campaign illustrated, in a humorous and engaging way, how SuperPages print and Online directories help consumers make better decisions.
  • Message/Tagline: “Better Pages for Better Decisions” advertising referenced familiar characters, events and scenarios from pop culture, history and current events and showed how a “bad’ decision/situation could have turned out better had our product been used. By showing the better outcome, SuperPages was positioned as the place where customers could get the best/right information leading to a better decision. Each creative execution end treatment let consumers know they could access SuperPages in print, Online or on the Go. Headlining the campaign were the 3 TV executions, but the message had legs for radio, outdoor, print, online. See links to Better Pages/Better Decisions Campaign TV spots:

  • Results: Brand and positioning strategy exceeded awareness growth target and doubled organic traffic of online Yellow Pages product. The campaign generated a lot of buzz in the business and advertising communities, was featured in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and won several industry awards (Spot of the Month by Adweek, APPY and Echo Awards). More importantly, our ongoing and independent awareness and usage tracking showed that Verizon SuperPages brand awareness quadrupled during the campaign and SuperPages usage increased by 600%.

Corporate and Media Spokesperson – lead external contact and proactive media relations with focus on trade press. Public Affairs programs including internal and external communications, issue/crisis management, executive speech writing, copywriting, media/trade/shareholder relations, community relations and contributions, employee and customer communications.


  • Background: Employee morale was down and absenteeism up.
  • Action: Built employee communications toolkit that enabled Operations and Management teams to improve employee understanding of key business strategies and revitalized employee morale through development of communications program showcasing commitment to employee base.
  • Results: Improved employee survey results (improved Management understanding of business direction/strategy from 67% to 86% and Associate/union employees from 27% to 51%. Also, reduced employee absenteeism 30%.

Sales Promotions - Managed national marketing product/offer development, positioning and GTM strategies to rollout new products and develop promo zones to drive consumer call to action. Developed key segment and targeted offers ensuring strategic and cross functional integration. Recognized with numerous Corporate and Industry Awards

Sales Promotion Success Story - customer incentive program

  • Background: Retail and Door-to-Door Channels were not meeting pitch and close targets.
  • Action: Developed a new promotion that built on the success of a direct mail program that provided an incentive for “non-responders” to listen to a “sales pitch
  • Results: The regional test program outperformed the national direct mail/call center program sales yield and surpassed the target to grow sales yield results from 0.6% to 18.6%

Experienced Project Manager with budget management supporting revenue targets of over $70B with Marketing program budget over $100M.

Event Management Success Story - GTE Classic PGA Tour event:

  • Background: Company picked up not only name sponsorship of PGA Tour event but also entered a full P&L relationship with the Tour. The initial year the financials were in the “red” and the company assigned me to be the project lead.
  • Action: Developed an overall marketing, operations and team-oriented strategy that included establishing a 501(c)3 organization, bringing key community leaders onto a Board of Directors, hiring an aggressive tournament director and developing a fully integrated sponsorship, marketing, hospitality, media and community relations plan.
  • Results: The tournament went on to become one of the top 3 events on the Senior PGA Tour, producing an estimated $32M annual impact for the Tampa Bay area, bringing in approximately $2M each year for area charities, involving hundreds of corporate sponsors, over 1,000 volunteers, great TV viewership and media coverage/value and over 100K attendance. The event won numerous awards including PGA Tour Top event, PRSA Excellence Award

Understands the importance of approaching projects with clearly developed and communicated processes in place.

Taking Partnership Process to a Whole New Level:

  • Background: our company president requested help to close a $50M revenue gap caused by the loss of a major customer contract.
  • Action: I took the Alliance and Barter program that was reporting to me and worked cross-functionally to create new processes, procedures, documentation and then retrained the team to enable major program growth.
  • Results: The program was bringing in $1.2M annually and we increased revenue to close the $50M gap and grew the program to $150M in year two.